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Archipelago's Philosophy & Guiding Principles

Archipelago operates under a different concept than the one we all have become used to in recent times. We like to think this is not done by re-inventing the wheel, but by making sure the road is clean, level, and with fewer obstacles than before. We do this by removing some heavy weight from the top, some unneeded ballast, plus, of course, some well positioned innovations to make the ride enjoyable.

We also like to say that Archipelago is like a Metadata Synthetizer (LFO anyone?) and we want to give you all the knobs, parameters, inputs and outputs to make the best out of it. Still, you can make "music" by just tapping the keyboard.

To get here we had to do a full stop first. Look around. Questioning everything we knew. Research and test (repeat) and then re-architect slowly on new and old assumptions, and especially new community values.

Whys and Whats of Archipelago

Because this topic is near and dear to our hearts, we are taking extra care with writing this important document. Please stay tuned for the full, verbose, heartfelt, and detailed long story of Archipelago's origins, development, future hopes and dreams.

In the meantime, please consider reviewing this presentation created by Archipelago's Lead Architect Diego Pino which captures the essence of Archipelago's philosophy and guiding principles:

Thank you for reading! Please contact us on our Archipelago Commons Google Group with any questions or feedback.

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Last update: October 18, 2021
Created: January 4, 2021