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Archipelago Software Services


At the core of the Archipelago philosophy is our commitment to both simplicity and flexibility.

Under the hood, Archipelago's architecture is:

Installation is entirely Dockerized and scripted with easy-to-follow directions.

  • Docker containers are as follows:
Container Purpose Description
esmero-web NGNIX Routes calls to esmero-php
esmero-php PHP-FPM Has all binaries for postprocessing/exif/ocr/etc. Runs PHP code.
esmero-db Database AMD and INTEL processors: MYSQL 8
ARM processors: MariaDB
esmero-minio Storage S3 API compatible Backend file and ADO as file storage. In a local it will do all the S3 stuff, on a live instance it can server as file routing to AWS S3, Azure Blob Storage, etc.
esmero-solr Solr Currently version 8.8.2
esmero-nlp Natural Language Processing NLP64 server for entity extraction, language detection, etc.

Information related to non-Dockerized installation and configruation can be found here: Traditional Installation Notes

Strawberryfield Modules at the heart of every Archipelago:

Documentation related to the Strawberryfield modules can be found here: Strawberryfields Forever

Archipelago also extends these powerful tools:

Thank you for reading! Please contact us on our Archipelago Commons Google Group with any questions or feedback.

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