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Q: How can I see my minio (S3) docker container's realtime traffic and requests?

A: For standard demo deployments, storage server runs on the esmero-minio docker container. Steps are:

  1. Install the mc binaries (minio client) for your platform following this instructions. e.g for OSX run on your terminal:

    brew install minio/stable/mc
    mc alias set esmero-minio http://localhost:9000 user password

    with http://localhost:9000 being your current machines URL and exposed port, user being your username (defaults to minio) and your original choosen password (defaults to minio123)

  2. Run a trace to watch realtime activity on your terminal:

    mc admin trace -v -a --debug  --insecure --no-color esmero-minio

Note: mc client is also AWS S3 compatible and can be used to move/copy/delete files on the local instance and to/from a remote AWS storage.

Thank you for reading! Please contact us on our Archipelago Commons Google Group with any questions or feedback.

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