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SMTP Configuration

Q: How can I enable SMTP for Archipelago?

A: For standard demo deployments, SMTP is not setup to send emails. To enable SMTP:

  1. Enter the following commands in your terminal. Note: make sure docker is running. Optionally, you can verify that all Archipelago containers are present by entering the docker ps command first.

    docker exec -ti esmero-php bash -c 'php -dmemory_limit=-1 /usr/bin/composer require drupal/smtp:^1.0'
    docker exec -ti esmero-php bash -c 'drush en -y smtp'
  2. Check that the SMTP module has been enabled by navigating (as admin user) to the EXTEND module menu item (localhost:8001/admin/modules). You should see "SMTP Authentication Support" listed.

  3. Navigate to localhost:8001/admin/config/system/smtp to configure the SMTP settings.

    This screenshot shows settings if a GMAIL account is used.


  4. Save your settings, then test by adding a recipient address in the “SEND TEST E-MAIL” field.

Note: Depending on your email provider, you may also need to enable “less secure” applications in your account settings (such as here for Google email accounts:

Thank you for reading! Please contact us on our Archipelago Commons Google Group with any questions or feedback.

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